help using a g force with eventide any ideas on where to place units ?????

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      hello people i have just purchased a second hand eclipse, and cant make up mu mind where to place it in my studio setup.And also how to get the best out of all my units.  At the moment my set up was

                                                 —-L/stereo–                  –L/stereo—-


      LIne 6 pod Pro                   Time factor                    G Force

      liquaid saffire 56

                                                  —-R/stereo–                 –R/stereo—-

      A the the moment i placed the eclipse after the g force before my firewire and the eclipse outputs i have as mic cable ouputs into the firewire to make use of preamps built into firewire. I hear a lot of great thigs about using G force and eclispe units together and just wonderd how i could set up all my equipment to get best possible sounds. I hope that the timefactor was not a waste of money as  i bought a week before i purchased the eclispe which with the update has timefactor presets in.

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      sorry rig has been mixed up on screen my setup is

      guitar- line 6 pod pro- timefactor- gforce- eclipse- liquid saffire 56 firewire

      From the line 6 everything has stereo left and right inputs

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      sorry people rig picture has been mixed up

      guitar – line 6 pod pro – timefactor- g forece – eclipse- liquid saffire 56 firewire

      from pod pro i have left and right stereo outputs to get the most out of the units

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      hi there, i've used the g-force and eclipse together for quite some time. i use the g-force running into the eclipse just as you have it. i prefer the reverbs and delays in the eclipse, so i use the g-force for the more "bread and butter" fx, like compression and noise gate and let the eclipse handle the more complex stuff. works a treat.


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