Help: Want to use Pitchfactor to make a Bass Note into a Guitar Chord Oct+5th

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      I’m not having a lot of success using the Pitchfactor to generate a Guitar Chord Octave + 5th from a bass note.

      Basically to occasionally augment a power trio setting during guitarists soloing or for an extra layer for dynamics.

      It feels like simple application that the Pitchfactor should handle gracefully but MY settings, even when playing simple straight forward quarter notes, sound very ‘harmonizer-y”.

      Wondering how others would go about this on the Pitchfactor.


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      In the Rackmount forum here; you’ll get more targeted responses in the Stompboxes forum.  Is this using a bass guitar?  If so, and you haven’t done so already, try setting your Source to Bass in System Settings.

      Any particular algorithm you’re using for this?  I had the best “power chord” success with H910 / H949 [Modern Type], or the HarModulator.  You can pull off the same 5ths / octaves in Diatonic or QuadraVox., without regard to Key / Scale.  Yes, the latter two will respond better to monophonic input.

      It can help to back off the Mix, and favor the 5th over the Octave with Pitch A / Pitch B Mix.  Fine-tune them to be present, yet not fully up front.

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      Thank you!

      Yeah. I must’ve moved out of Stompboxes before I posted. Sorry. Great ideas.  I’ll def repost to Stompboxes if these don’t pan out. I am going to be sending the signal to our rhythm guitar players rig when he’s not available . . . so i won’t be blending any original signal in. But I think changing the source will def help! Totally forgot this!





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