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      Greetings!  I am controlling my Eventide Eclipse (latest ver) with a Boss FV500L expression pedal; I like to use it to control the FX mix in real time while I play.  I calibrated it up per the manual, and it works great on about half my of my presets.

      My issue is that it works on some Eclipse presets, but not on others.  I am assuming there is a location on the preset menu where you can not only assign a expression pedal to it, but also choose what parameters it controls, but I can't find it for the life of me. Sad

      Can anyone please tell me briefly how to take a Eclipse preset and assign a expression pedal to it?  Thanks!

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      I think you should check out the manual page 40 and onwards a little bit… and search for these key points:

      *** Patching a Parameter to the Modulation Block’s “Modules”

      *** ext1through ext16

      … and on page 45 this:

      *** External Controllers (pedal 1, 2)

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      Lightbulb going off, I think that's it.  Seems like I just need to setup the external controller in one of the 16 slots, then press and hold the soft key on a program to assign it to that selected external controller (in my case the expression pedal).

      Greatly appreciate your help hunting it down in the manual, and will confirm once we're cooking.  Thanks again for taking the time to assist, cheers!

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