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      ok so after playing around with the eclipse and reading the quickstart areas of the manual, i am rather impressed. this is a very interesting unearthly layer of synthetic overtones to add to my guitaer tones.  and it is doubtful that i would need a more advanced unit… i never knew there were patterned and rhythmical effects… (how is this possible without a stepper? no one told me any of this)   but how does this unit's general toneal quality compare to the H-series?  how much lower quality is it?  because to me its pretty good quality…  how much different would an exact same effect preset sound on an H series?  would it be more clear? 

      and the EQ bandwidths and adjusters are so flexible on the eclipse that I  am selling my Rane PEQ55.  But  I am just starting to read about t the program blocks or whatever those are.  Can I always have the EQ on withi the eclipse at all times throughout everything regardless if whether i am using a chorus or one of the actual "effects" presets?   the EQ always has to be on.

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      The Eclipse is 12dB quieter than the H3000 and has a wider frequency bandwidth and thus a more open sound.  That being said, there are many whose frame of reference is the H3000 which has a particular sound which is all its own.

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