How to use H8000FW without using an Analogue Mixing Desk .

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      Hello to everyone .

      I am pretty excited about my H8000 purchase this week and get into the Eventide world in touchable way . 🙂

      What i am meaning by touchable way is , i was usually using Eventide's as TDM plug-ins with Protools . (H3000, Quadravox etc.)

      I have a Protools system with Apogee DA16X and AD16X converters .
      Until now , i never head a analog mixing desk, and i did everything in Protools regarding to that.

      With my current system , what i wish to do with H8000 is simple.

      I want to send signal of "any" channel i might choose in Protools to H8000 , and than take the processed signal from H8000 back in to one of the Audio IN channels in Protools .

      As we all know , we do this with AUX channels in real analog mixing desks , but in case how can i setup a proper system working like with analog mixing desks.

      Is there a routing way like it ?

      I just didnt checked my H8000 because it is still on the way , so i thought it can be good to ask your opinions regarding to that matter .

      thank you all for reading and taking time , and helps in advance


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