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      Edit: I want to note for future reference for new users that if you are using the Eclipse "straight" (e.g. guitar plugged directly into the Eclispe, and then output into a DAW) rather than as an effects loop, you'll need to change some settings so that you can hear your source signal and not just the effects.

      There is a global setting accessible via the Levels button to set how much of your source signal you wanted effected, but for most of the presets, you'll also need to go to the particular preset's Parameters and set the wet level there as well (wet level in HotKeys will just bring the effected volume down, it won't let you hear your source signal).

      Most users employ the Eclipse via an effects loop, so it seems that most settings are for 100% wet by default.

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      using a processor thru an FX loop doesn't necessarily require the wet/dry balance to be set on 100%. In fact there are series (most of them) and parallel fx loops in gtr amps. Mixers and DAW can have both types of fx loops…so it's always a matter of correct choices.

      all the best


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