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      Count Robio

       I finally decided to buy an Eclipse & I'm sure you're all impressed as well so I'll skip the details of my endless playing through the factory patches (finding specific heavens in each) & I'll skip the part where I got stuck on one patch and tried to tweak it to fit the tempo ( I saved that one!) & …..I hope you're all remembering how you felt when you plugged in for the first time ( with the Eclipse & also sexually).

      I downloaded the manual weeks ago and read it front to back so the actual unit was easy to navigate. Whoever wrote the manual deserves a raise as it was both descriptive & humorous and it kept me reading & LMAO!

      My unit is 3.51 so I guess I'm also waiting on the much hyped 4.0 update.

      Anyway, I find this unit absolutely amazing but I have a few suggestions & questions (no complaints…it's my first day).

      My inexpertise thus far:

      1. Studio. Hooked it up in my rig with 1/4" cables. Rocktron Prophesy as pre, G-Major & G-Major 2 bypassed, Eclipse then Mesa 3:95 simul then Genz Benz cabs. Very clean with no coloration (it actually sounds better). The G-Majors are now out & doing vocal FX in the future.

      2. Home. Hooked my Pod 2.0 to the Eclipse via analog in (mono1) and ADAT out to computer ( yup, after setting up the Eclipse as slave at 44.1 all is fine…my mixer only goes to 44.1 hehe). Very easy so far.

      3. Then I looped a stereo track from Cakewalk 6 through it via ADAT and all is good!

      4. Tried all the factory presets again on various tracks in Cakewalk of previously recorded stuff and I was amazed at how even the most outlandish preset sat in the mix & became very usable.

      5. I'm still very curious about certain things. In my live rig there was low level humming on all pitch shifting presets! It wasn't annoying but it was noticable. I altered my technique, I gated differently & I even turned off my Prophesy and it's the Eclipse! Not a big deal ( I can gate the noise with my mixer) but why does this happen? I'll question this in another post.

      Questions posed to the forum:

      1. Is there a forum for exchanging patches? I can't play alone & I'm inspired by the sounds of others. If there's a patch exchange…..I'd like to know.

      2. Is anyone willing to share their control issues with me? I need to control on/off over certain effects & thus far (day 1…I haven't even tried yet!) I can't find a single algorythym I can't control! If any one has an algo they can't control..post it!

      3. Where is the team spirit? It seems the employees know more about our unit than we do. Let's conspire & show them up!

      4. Why are Eventide experts working on presets? They should be working on software updates!!

      5. Can Eventide provide it's users with a patch exchange site? ( I apologize if you have one already (at area 51 perhaps) as this is my first day)!

       Count Robio


      Thank you Eventide!!!!!! 

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       Hi Count Robio

      welcome to the forums.

      Regarding inexpertise #1/2/5, you need to know the Eventide handles -20/-10 dB instrument level unbalanced signals on 1/4" jacks, whilst +4 dB balanced/unbalanced line levels signals are only handled by XLR I/Os. I assume your preamps output a 0 dB or +4 dB line level signal, unless they have a selector to reduce it to nstrument level (which is not recommended anyway!!!). You should use XLRs connectors on the Eventide, with balanced cables, unbalancing the cable ends connected to unbalanced gear. The manual explains this.

      It was our plan to provide an User Presets exchange area but we haven't been able to make it happen yet, owing to a number of different reasons, including some high priority tasks. Hopefully it will happen soon.

      enjoy your Harmonizer

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