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      I've reposted this question from the eclipse's dedicated forum due to lack of response.  Any input much appreciated.

      I have read through the users manual and algorithm manuals.  Unfortunately, there is no clarity on exactly which algorithms are unavailable at 96k and whether both dsps are used in some cases.  The h8000 manuals indicated precisely the impact on moving from 48k samples to 96K samples – ie. some algorithms will work at 96k, but only by using both dsps.  so no ambiguity there.

      The eclipse manuals, however, are not transparent on this fairly important issue.  There is some mention that some algs have two versions – one for 48K and one for 96K.  but it is not clear if you can assume that the unit works the same (and all algorithms are available) at 96K.

      from the user manual:  

      Using Higher Sampling Rates Disables Some Programs

      Higher sampling rates (greater than 50kHz) may yield higher fidelity, but some programs won’t function at higher rates (higher rates require twice the processing power and twice the delay capability!).

      You can tell if a preset can run at higher sampling rates by looking for the 96 icon between the preset’s number and name. In some cases there

      are two versions of the same program, one for high rate operation, and one for low rate operation, for ex- ample, Loop10 and Loop20.

      It will not be possible to select a high sample rate if a program without the 96 icon is currently loaded and Eclipse will refuse (i.e., not lock to) an incoming digital signal with a sample rate greater than 50kHz.

      Similarly, if a sample rate above 50kHz is selected, and you try to load a program without the 96 icon, Eclipse will complain vociferously and will not let you do so.

      Things would be simpler if we only used 96kHz capable presets, but then you would be paying for a lot of processing power, half of which would be wasted at 48kHz.


      So the underlined sentence suggests that there is a potential loss of presets going to 96K.  However, the manuals do not indicate which ones (unlike the h8000 manuals which do show the impact). the reference to a 96 symbol appears to be referencing the display on the unit.  Well, if you do not own one and are thinking about buying one, that is not helpful Confused

      Can anybody provide concrete information on precisely which presets are affected in using the unit at 96K.

      (please no comments on why go 96 versus 48 blah blah – operating your entire DAW/ADA/hardware system at 96K cuts latency in half for a given number of samples- no more said – I get it)

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      Sorry – we do not have a published list at present. Don't think anyone has asked for it before.

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