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      Hey, Im about to buy the eventide eclipse and have a question i need answered..

      If i use the eclipse with a Fx-1 Axess midi foot controller and with hughes and kettner triamp (6 channel guitar amp), can i set individual effects that the eclipse offers (like chorus, delay, reverb, distortion, eq, pitch shift, etc.) and program each one into its own instant access footswitch on the Fx-1 foot controller (it offers 12)? this way i could create my own presets that i like programmed on the footcontroller (has 6 present switchs) and if i want another effect added to it (like chorus, distortion boost, long delay, eq change, etc.) i can just hit one of the instant access switchs. what im planning on doing is since the Fx-1 Controller has 6 preset switchs, i can create 6 presets (each channel of the triamp) and have 6 different sounds (ex. chorus/delay clean tone, plain clean tone, delay/reverb crunch tone, plain crunch tone, delay/reverb lead tone, plain lead tone) then lets say im on the plain lead tone and i want to put some long delay or a distortion boast, i want to be able to just click one of the instant access switchs to do so, then when i dont want the long delay or boast on i can just click the instand access switch again..  can some one tell me if this is possible and how to do it?

      sorry its so long, haha didnt no how else to explain it…



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       Hi Hayden

      Eclipse FX parameters are fully MIDI CCs controllable.
      Say you have a preset with 4 voice moddelay > 2 voice pitch shift + verb:

      patch a MIDI CC to the first 2 dlys voices to control, say, chorus. Another CC to the remaining 2 voices to control stereo Tap Tempo delays….another CC to the 2 pitch shifter voices levels and a final CC to the verb level. By remoting FX levels you will basically on/off the FX you need.

      all the best

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