individually adjust each Preset?s Output Level and mix .

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      Hello, Marc from France.

      As a guitar player user of the Eclipse, the ability to adjust individually each output level and mix control would be a great and useful improvement for me and maybe for the rest of the world too.

      It would be discover that in the V 5 software if possible !

      Thanks and have a great day.

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      Eventide Staff

      Assuming that I understand you and that you want to adjust levels and mix on a preset-by-preset basis, you don't have to wait. It already does it !! See p37 of the UM.

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      hi, sorry for my poor English, do you mean the V4 UM where I can't read this p 37 because I thought it was only possible with the level button !

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      Eventide Staff

      Look at the bottom of p37 of the V4 Owner's Manual, titled "Routing and Levels between Effects Blocks."

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      OMG, so confused to discover that after 3 years owning the fabulous Eclipse !!!!

      A very big thank you to you Nickrose !

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