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      I would like and algo (I use a H9000R) that can hold a lead guitar note “forever”. I found various recommendations using the freeze capability of certain reverb algos. While they hold the note, the tone is totally affected and sounds like a reverb. I 3ant to preserve the source tone as much as possible. A google search revealed to pedals, reactively the Gamechanger Audio PLUs and the Electro Harmonix Superego +.

      i found YouTube videos demoing thee pedals and they do the job, apparently sampling the last dry sound provided and looping it seamlessly.

      So my question simply is whether there such an Eventide algo or whether there could be one, other than the not very good freeze piracy mentioned above.

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      Eventide Staff

      There is currently no freeze/sustainer Eventide algorithm, but I have mentioned your request for one to the developers. 

      You could try some of the H9 delay algorithms (9101-9109) that include the "repeat" on/off switch in the "config" settings. If you set a short delay time and engage the switch while a note is playing you can get a similar infinite sustained sound, but with varying results. You might like this option as an alternative to the reverb freeze sound. 

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