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      I haven’t found much info on SIFT other than “hey its new in the h90 and its… good”.  Hoping some engineers could give a little more info on it, and I’m also curious how it compares to polycapo in helix native or the pitch shifting in ndps.  How’s the performance for simply mono and poly pitch shifting a guitar at a fixed interval?

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      Eventide Staff

      Morning jyym,

      I can’t give you the direct comparisons that you’re looking for, but I can give you some insight into what things we really tried to focus on improving when working on the SIFT technology and the Polyphony alg.

      The biggest thing we focused on was the tracking – we really wanted this to have no bloops or blips as a result of the tracking being off and we feel confident that we’ve achieved that. If you can make it bloop or blip by playing super fast, or playing some crazy jazz chord and bending the whole thing I would be very surprised. I can’t remember the specific device but a beta tester of ours was kind enough to do some comparison recordings and that was an area where Polyphony won pretty handily.

      The Polyphony alg was designed with chords in mind since we’ve already got quite a bit of monophonic pitch shifting algs, but as a sloppy player myself I can say that I actually prefer Polyphony for monophonic lines as well. There’s a lot of other fun stuff in that alg but at it’s core shifting chords by a fixed interval is what it was designed to do. If you like to use these kinds of things with the Mix 100% Wet as a way to re-tune the guitar we think it works great for that, although you may find that one of the two shifting modes (Pitched) has a more pronounced effect on the transients of your instrument. In that case the other mode (Percussive) can actually work quite well for something like a guitar or bass as long as the shift interval is lower. Some of our other users were discussing their thoughts on that here –

      Hope that helps.


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      Thanks.  That’s helpful and I’ll compare those algs when my local GC gets an h90 on the floor.

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