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       For such trivial stuff as tweaking the programs on the Eclipse. I would think that there was a simple, useable, interface for this like there is for the Fender Cyber Twin via Patch Wizard. Anybody have any ideas about something like that?

      I asked tech support about it and Word Clock was suggested but frankly if that is just a sync program that is not an answer. Maybe I just don't get it yet, which is a very strong possibility.

      Just thought I would see if anybody had any good ideas. Still searching.


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      There is no computer programming application for the Eclipse. All tweaking needs to be done from the front panel.


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      As powerful as this system seems to be it would be of great benifit to have an easy logical way of programming, tweaking, saving the stuff that is on it.

      Patch Wizard makes a product that works with items such as the Fender Cyber Twin that would be really usefull with an Eclipse but that is not supported at this point in time. 


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       The front panel though, is a good place to really learn the unit.

      When you are out and play….you'll be thankful you know the unit because you have worked on it.

      There are always plus and minus aspects to everything in life!


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       I agree that you really need to know the front panel and know the unit. That is the only way to use it. 

      As you will note in other posts that is exactly what I am trying to do.

      I also carry a computer with me most everywhere. You never know when you will need one. That is why there are laptops and tablets to store and recall information as necessary in remote circumstances. 

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