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      After a 6 weeks of being not being used,  my Eclipse now gives me the following error upon power up.

      Internal RAM is New – clear and format it?

      If I do not format it, it behaves terribly, and pressing 'yes' seems to temporarly restore things until the next power off.  I replaced the internal battery  less than a year ago  (the checksum error).

      I did the memory fix error as explained in the manual last night, which seemed to work when I cycled the power, but this morning I was faced with the same error.

      It is bumming me out… Any ideas?


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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like your battery is flat. Replacing it should solve the problem.

      But, the battery should last more than a year (typically 5-10). I would suggest that you try another battery, in case the last one was weak. If this also runs down quickly, you should contact

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      Changing a battery is easy, so I will give it  a shot!  Thanks…


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      Sorry it took so long to report back, but I went out of town before I could purchase a new battery.

      Installed it yesterday, and it properly booted up this morning.  I guess I bought a bad one last time.

      Hopefully I will get 5-10 years out of this one.


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