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      Hi guys

      Been researching this product fo awhile and i have a few questions hoping for honest feedback.

      I produce alot of vocal heay heavy R&B and Pop vocals. Imlooking for a harmonizer to help with my production. Is this box very good for vocals? How do I integrate i ino a totally digital studio running logic, trying to figure that one out too.

      Many thanks in advance for info

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      I've found the eclipse does an excellent all around job on everything from vocals to guiter. It does have some limitations for vocals, however. If all you want to use it for are reverb, chorus, dynamics, etc, then this unit does an exceptional job. If you plan on doing any pitch shifting with vocals, however, then I suggest the H7600 or the H8000fw. The eclipse is incapable of formant correct pitch shifting (see other threads for an explanation on this). Anything other than pitch shifting vocals, however, (and it does a good job at this provided you don't shift past 1/3rd), and you can't beat the sound quality, especially in it's price range. Nothing else compares. I will be picking up an H7600 later this year for the pitch shifting. It depends on your useage, and your budget.

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