Is the Mission SP-H9 expression pedal compatible with H9000?

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      I have a Mission SP-H9 pedal:

      This was designed particularly for the H9 and has an integrated switch and LED indicator.
      (not sure I fully understand how all that works with a single TRS cable connection, but ok)

      Can anyone tell me if this pedal would also work with my H9000?

      Ultimately, I want a solid, simple expression pedal for my H9K, but the earlier threads here all seem to lead to some large and expensive guitar pedalboard type solutions.
      Since I already possess this Mission H9 pedal, I was hoping to simply repurpose it, but didn’t want to risk damaging anything by plugging it in to a device where compatibility wasn’t specifically declared.


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      Yes, this expression pedal should work fine with the H9000, it certainly won’t damage anything. If you’re using a TRS cable and set the pedal mode to “expression pedal/1 aux switch”, that should allow you to use both the expression pedal and built-in switch. More info about pedal setup and calibration with the H9000 can be found here:

      Let me know how it goes.

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