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      I updated from V3 (where everything was pretty good) to V3.51 and then updated to V4.01, i cleared the setup and followed all steps like the instructions, and now when i'm trying things up for the first time:

      1. The volume was way too loud that even saturates a lot the clean sound on the 102 thru_series preset

      2. On the factory presets, like 116 Duckeddelays, all I hear is the wet signal (the repetitions)

      I checked the levels section and everything is flat… input 0db, output 0db, wet/mix 100%, analog in 0db, digital 0db, master out 0db…

      I'm connecting my guitar directly to the eclipse via analog unbalanced in > unbalanced out > amp

      I appreciate your help, i'm new with the eclipse so i apologize if i'm not seeing anything obvious!


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      1. When the volume is too loud what are the meters showing?

      2. With wet/mix at 100% it's normal to only hear the wet signal.


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