keith mcmillen SOFTSTEP revolutionary Footpedal with H8000FW ???

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      I am a future buyer of H8000fw I will buy in a few months.

      I saw this revolutionary foot pedal some days ago and I got all kinds of ideas..and I wonder how could I intergate and use it with my H8000FW 

      The dream is of course that I would be able to control most assignable parameters with the softstep and make it work for real-time modulation (X:Y Vector modulation) and effects. 

      Would be very interesting to know cause I am unsure how well you can integrate with footpedals with the H8000FW, and are unsure about it's limitations since I have not tried it myself yet.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – can't tell you anything about your Softstep.  The H8000fw can be controlled by MIDI CC and Sysex, so if this will generate them it could be used.

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      I am also a Control Freak.

      I work with

      Behringer FCB1010   ( very nice Expres Pedals via Midi )

      Digitech FS3X ( best Footcontroller for Loop Start/Rec  – via Jack 1)

      Emu LauchPad (best for Harmonizer NoteOnOff via Midi )

      One Expression Pedal in Jack 2

      And one old Fashioned Boss Volume – Via Analog

      all together in Real-Time with the H8000fw. Work fine.

      No Problem . Best Workflow ever

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      And of course the Roland FC300, an excellent, versatile, and very sturdy piece of gear.

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