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      hello, i have a huge latency on eclipse output : 208 samples exactly…. even with v4.0 just installed. and i lost all user presets at the same time ;(…. can we find them somewhere ? they were from 001 to 099…

      thanks for helping.

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      Eventide Staff

      Your latency -what is it,  what are your inputs/outputs, how are you measuring it, what presets are you using, etc, etc.

      Pretty much all digital systems with analog i/o have a delay between input and output, beyond that provided by processing. This is due to the length of the filters in the A/D and D/A processing, and can be in the order of 1mS. Using digital i/o will reduce this to a few samples.

      User presets should always be backed up before a upgrade, especially in this case. If you revert to 3.51 you may find that your presets are accessible – save them to a card and then repeat the upgrade.

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      thanks nickrose. unfortunately i'm working onlly in analog system. no choice ;(. i use every kind of presets, an apogee bigben as clock.

      maybe i need a digital connection in my system (G5/motu 24 i/O, tac magnum desk, macbook/fireface400 to record mixes)

      on v4, 82 samples latency eclipse bypassed.

      finally i found some of my presets, but too late i lost most of them….last time i make this big mistake.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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