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      Is there an easy way people have found to add an lfo to a parameter in an algorithm without diving into Vsig?

      it would be amazing if there was a future update where you could add a tempo sync’d lfo to a parameter like gain or cutoff super easily.

      in the meantime im open to anything!


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      I’ve used Ableton LFO generator mapped to controls. Probably the easiest way without VSIG

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      Ahh yea, i need to get on avid to get something like that set up for pro tools, wont hold my breath. Hopefully in a future update there could be some lfo’s added as a right click option or something.

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      Eventide Staff

      With the tools you have, you could simply draw your LFOs as automation in Pro Tools and map those to a Function in Emote, then whatever H9000 parameters are mapped to the Function will be automated. Not quite the same as a constantly running LFO, but if you loop a section of your Pro Tools transport it can accomplish the same thing. This video demonstrates something similar – https://www.adsrsounds.com/kontakt-tutorials/use-pro-tools-automation-to-control-any-kontakt-parameter/

      It looks like this plug-in can also generate MIDI CC data and apparently works with Pro Tools, I have not tried it: https://xferrecords.com/products/lfo-tool

      Agreed that internal LFO modulation would be great, and I’ve noted your request. This is not something we’ll be able to add soon so I’d suggest finding an alternative method for the time being.

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      Sounds great thanks so much for the reply!

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      Yes  – the ability to easily (internally) assign modulation and or tempo controls to parameters is sorely missed in the 9k.    It was one of the features that enabled the PCM80 to do some truly magical and musical feats.   Will be a great (and super powerful) when this gets implemented in the 9k.

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      This is BADLY needed for this box. I cant believe it doesn’t have this ability!?

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