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      Can someone help me find a procedure that works to load an algorithm into FXB of a user preset?

      I've followed the manual's instructions, in "stealing" an algorithm from an existing preset with a routing scheme that includes the use of both FXA and FXB, just as the preset I'm creating.

      Basically, I'm trying to load (steal) the algorithm of the FXB that exists in the factory preset, and load it into the FXB of the target user preset.

      So, in attempting to do that, I go into PARAMETERS menu of the preset I'm creating.  Select the preset from the menu's PROGRAM soft key, and select the FXB algorithm of the factory preset using the BLOCK soft key.  However, the LOAD FXB soft key of the menu doesn't display.  Instead, it shows: "<


      The FXB is enabled (ON) on page #1 of the PARAMETERS menu for the user preset.

      Any ideas or questions would be appreciated!

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      So, what the issue turns out to be is that the factory preset that my user preset was based on a ModFactor preset.  As it turns out, what that seems to mean is that while only FXA is indicated to be in use, the algorithm contained, because of its size, crosses over into the memory alloted for FXB.  So, when trying to store an additional algorithm in FXB, the interface just blanks it out, effectively disallowing a transfer to that block.

      Since the info alluding to limitations in the use of these presets is in the preamble of the ModFactor presets, it may be useful to make a note of how the "limitations" manifest themselves in the preset editing interface.

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