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      Can I find H8000 Factory presets as sysex files somewhere?

      Maybe not all of them can load to less processing power in Orville but still…would be cool to check them out


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      Eventide Staff

      Not sure how compatible the file formats are. Those using both DSPs will certainly not run on Orville.

      Really, if you want H8000 presets, you should probably get an H8000.


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      Not really in the position to get an H8000 unfortunately

      The reason why I asked was, that I bought an H8000 sound bank from Italo De Angelis….and they load on Orville V3.

      So I thought it would be possible to load at least some of the H8000 factory presets?!?

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      It’s all case-by-case. You need to know the details of each program from a Vsig perspective. Programs developed with version 5-exclusive modules (modules made available after version 3) will not work – due to lack of code and/or memory.

      e.g. DISTORT, C_DTIMER (global tempo), ADSR modules were added starting in version 3, so would not work on a DSP4000 or an 7000/orville running modules v2.7 or v2.2
      e.g. DIFFCHORUS module: available on all versions (DSP4000, 7000, H8000)

      N.B. But keep in mind modules from different firmware versions, may have been updated/fixed to have bugs removed, etc…

Viewing 3 reply threads
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