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      hello, was wondering if anyone knows a way to load the downloadable orville user prests into the orville via a mac. im a new vSigX user and not sure if it supports .sif files.



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      Eventide Staff

      .sif files are a Microsoft-only format, so Vsigx cannot support them. This is not a failing of Vsigx, more the result of it running on a Mac. Sorry.

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      I don't own an Orville, and I can't access the user examples you are talking about (seems that you need to be a registered Orville user for that). Anyway, here is how I would try that on a H8000, and that might work on an Orville: 

      -load the sif files into the Orville (via card, or serial, or MIDI)
      -import the files from the computer, maybe from vsigx, and they should come as sig files.

      Sorry, I have used only sig files, so my suggestion might be really silly. But I'm just wondering if this trick could work. If you send me a sif file, I would be happy to try, just to see if the files come back in .sig format.

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for trying to help, but it won't work. Sorry.

      SIF files are a Windows-only format, which is semi-obsolete and somewhat discouraged. They can only be used on Windows Vsig – they can't be used on a Mac, nor understood by our hardware products.

      This may sound harsh, but SIF files use a Microsoft technology that can only be found on Windows, so we can't do anything about it. This is one of the reasons they are discouraged. Maybe someone with a PC can load the SIF files in and save them as SIG and send them on.

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      hey guys, thanks so much for your responses! if anyone has a PC and would be interested in saving my .sifs as .sigs pleaase contact me! Smile

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      may I suggest you also consider using Windows+Vsigfile on your Mac, via Bootcamp or, easier, using virtualization software like VMware, Parallels, etc?

      This will give you both worlds and can be very useful…if you are on an Intel Mac.



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      I can do so for you.  Send them to sonilogics (at) hotmail (dot com).

      Additionally, you can try using a 'wine' project product such as CrossOver or Bordeaux to install Vsig on your Mac without having to install Windows. (Must be an Intel Mac).


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