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      OK, I'm beaten. I'm running an 8 core macpro with a MOTU 828 mk3 and the H8000fw both on FW.

      I went to audio set up and have tried a selection of drivers to build as an aggregate. At the moment the 8000, MOTU and all of the native drivers (just in case). I then have chosen the aggregate device in logic. This gives me 34 channels or so in an out (although there should be 40 if they are all added up). I cannot get any sound in or out of either device, I cannot send a loop to either device, no matter which output I choose nothing seems to be going out.

      If I choose the MOTU or 8000 as the audio device then audio again appears.

      Any chance of some friendly advice 😉

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – this is beyond the capabilities of this forum – given the number of different products involved, it's difficult for us to know what is wrong.

      BUT – have you tried the Aggregate Device tutorial in the User Manual ? If not, please do. If you have, did it work ?

      If it did work, try the same thing but using the MOTU in place of the H8000.

      Note that the recently announced 5.5Beta has new drivers that may (or may not) help.

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      I've solved it.

      Second FIrewire card. Aggregate driver, MOTU 1st then h8000. Final thing to check was that logic for some reason had moved the output to channel 15-16. Hence the main out was quiet and everything was going to the h8000. Once I reset it to channel 1/2 it was perfect. Very nice sounds ++++

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