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      Hi All and thank you for your help.

      I have a new Eventide H8000FW unit.

      I install all the drivers on WIN XP and i am using Cubase 5.5 and RME400 card.

      The Dice program recognize my unit and I added the relevant parameters inside.

        Dont know how to send the H8000FW a sound using the FW connection (from inside Cubase).

      And get the sound back with effect for recording.

      Using the Analog inputs/outputs is no problem from inside Cubase, simply change the Bus in / out, of the channels.

      But FW is a mystery :).

      I will appriciate any help on this one.

      Thx Tomer.

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      Eventide Staff

      The H8000 appears to the PC as an ASIO (or WDM) device. Connecting to this from inside Cubase is a Cubase issue, and not one we can do much about – you'll have to talk to Mr Cue. Sorry.

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