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      I got both the Eclipse and the H8000FW. (nice sounding both of them)

      My first question is about the m_banddelays of the Eclipse.

      -Is there such algorithm in the H8000FW; where you can modulate 4 delays with each of them having individual modulated frequency filtering (linked to the internal LFO)?

      -Second question, can we modulate a parameter with the H8000 in the same manner as for the eclipse without going into Vsig. (e.g. pressing a button for 3 sec. and the modulate section appear)

      Thanks to let me know, I appreciate your time.


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      Presets 610, 611, 612, 613, 657, 660, 1011 all include band delays!

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      Thanks for the reply.

      I agree, there's plenty of banddelays setup on the H8000. However, none of them have the filter linked to the LFO (like in the Eclipse, with the program name called m_banddelays).

      I wanted to find an example with an LFO already implemented so that I can modify it using VSIG.

      Like having a square wave LFO that modulates a notch filter of +1000 Hz if 1 on the square wave, +0Hz else). 

      Anyone have done it? 

      Thanks again.


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      I suppose you can take an algorithm that comes close and modify its structure by adding an LFO modulating the filter. It shouldn't be very difficult to do.

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      By any chance, is there someone who knows a program number that include a modulate function based on LFO that have an internally driven frequency?

      Thanks in advance 

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