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      OK, it's official.  I've had my unit for a few months, and I love my Eclipse (best sound).  

      Worst user manual EVER!  I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the sharpest tool.  However, I can easily program any of my other multi-effect units (any of them) because their manual can walk me through most of the basic programming/user needs by breaking it down to the lowest level of computer programming knowledge – pictures and diagrams a three-year old can digest.  If I want to do really complex stuff, then it's up to me to delve into – something like the Eclipse user's manual.

      The Eclipse manual reads like an advanced user's reference.  I (and I'll bet many others) would like the idiot's version in plain language.  Example:  "There is no 'bypass' for an effect within an algorithm – you either turn it al the way down, or bypass the entire unit'".  That is a very simple, and common, move in a multi-effect unit.  However, that is not clearly stated in the manual, I had to find that out by searching the forum (and, at the risk of appearing stupid, I'm still not 100% sure if that's correct).

      I know the Eventide stuff was originally for the nerdiest of nerds, with the broadcast gear, and studio wonder units – actual engineers.  The style, graphics of the unit, and the manual still reflect that to a certain extent.

      How about some help for the mentally challenged amongst us, who appreciate the awesome sounds, but struggle to make full use of the unit?  "Eventide Eclipse Programming for Idiots – Especially Ones That Play Guitar" is a title that comes to mind….if one of those exists, or if someone has written one, please send it my way!

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