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      I would like to contact Matthias Adloff about his demonstration for the H8000FW he made. I prefer to send him an email. I would like to know with which condesator mic and preamp combi and wich converters he used for his demonstration. Maybe he can respond to this post or can somebody bring me in contact with him or ask him. thanks so far.

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      Sonic Nomad

       You can try the SteinbergNuendo forums. I don't frequent there anymore but back when I did he was on there. Seems he got pretty busy in his studio as a result of those demos he did. Big Smile

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      Well I did. But since you have to registrate with a registration serial number (and I only have the dowloaden demo version) it's not possible so far!

      I hope that he pass be on thos forum somethimes. 

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      I Contakt him years ago.

      Matthias Adloff is Lawyer in Bremen ( Germany ), and deals for Eventide in Germany .

      I think he has a Project Studio / Hobby

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