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      Hello Folks

      I’m very happy to share with you a few Max/rnbo~ patches. Currently we are very much still in the beta phase and are looking forward to buffer~ & FFT support for the H9000 target in the nearist future. For now the closest we can get to a buffer~ is using the [data] object in gen~ (which is very capable and 64bit)

      The patches included here are intended as examples that you can extend on, open, play and modify in rnbo~ and/or directly use the .9ka exported algorithm.

      Included in the download (rnbo~ patches & algorithms):

      • Mid-Side: Asimple mid-side setup inside gen~ Put any other type of FX in the mid or the side for additional processing.
      • Tanh Life: 8 Different Tanh (Hyperbolic Tangent Function) approximations executed in gen~. Soft Clipping fun, push the Overdrive for extra charactor/warmth/crunch.
      • Wider Circular Buffer: Simple 2-channel Circular/Looping Buffer – works great for long delays or finited single sample delay shift for widening.

      Would love to hear any thoughts, feedback, questions including ideas for more patches/algorithms.



      // @tomhallsonics // Cycling ’74

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      Thanks for sharing. I shall check them.out soon

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      Hi Tom.


      Just had a quick play with all of them.

      All very useful and simple to use.


      Thanks very much.





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      I made an alternative Mid-Side (split) that sends the Mid to Channel 3 and Side to Channel 4 Рfun an useful utility image

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