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      whilst I'm waiting for an answer to my "stuck on loading operating system" I thought I'd ask another question ….

      I've never been able to fit a memory card into the memory card slot on my eclipse. I'm using an IBM one (as per the compatiblilty list) and it works fine in my camera, card reader etc.

      It looks like the PCBs inside the slot (specifically the vertical one just behind the front panel, I assume for the buttons etc) hasn't been cut correctly as the memory card seems to catch on this and doesn't manage to push as far as the connector.

      I've always done my updates via a serial connector so it's not to much of a problem but it is iritating.

      Am I the only one with the problem ?

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       Hi Orange

      you may try opening the unit top cover and visually check what happens when you insert the IBM card. You may also try a different media, like a CFCard and see if the problem is still there or not. Depending on both suggested tests, you then will have to decide if the unit should come back at the factory for servicing.

      We have almost no experience with those IBM devices as in time CFCs have become so popular and cheap. I have never had any report like yours.

      all the best


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      it catches on the pcb edges as circled in:

      probably because (despite the list saying it's compatible) it's not a typeII slot

      suppose it might be time to invest in a new card

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      the type-I replacement card works fine – might be time to remove the IBM microdrive from the approved list ?

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