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      can i just say a quick thanks to nick and italo for advice on a previous issue.

      Its taking a bit of time to get the best out of the unit.

      I have just changed to ver 4

      cannot wait to try out the time and mod factor algos

      can you put me right, loaded a preset after upgrading ( i think it was 900 digital delay tf) do i take it that FXA and FXB  do not apply to the MF and TF algos.

      Just thinkin if it was possible to take a delay and mod from each set and mix


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      you're welcome (from Nick and me)…

      MF & TF algorithms are quite large, owing to a number of reasons required by the actual hardware in the pedals. We left them as they are 'cause the idea was to offer the same exact structures as in the pedals.

      So, being big as they are, not all of them can be combined with other algorithms. Some can and you should try to check which "matching pairs" are possible. In the new presets I wrote there are some examples of combinations…and more are possible.

      let us know anything you may need



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