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      I would just like to say that the midi clock handling in the Eclipse 4.0 is much better than it previously was. Good job!

      When/Can we expect the midiclock module to get the same treament?

      I'm having trouble syncing my Eclipse to the H8000FW and vice versa. I've tried to manipulate the "raw" midi clock stream (if you set midiclock module to remote mode=2) with all math I could think of but no cigar. Remote mode=3 makes use of the master tempo but that behaves very similar to the Eclipse before 4.0 ie not so useful.

      Is there any trick one could try except waiting/hoping for an update?


      Per G

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for kind words.

      The midiclock module is driven by the midiclock input so should have the same improvements. What exactly is the problem you are having ?

      Incidentally, the MIDIclock out on the H8000 is probably one of the best in the business – most lesser devices have a 1mS or more of jitter – the H8000's MIDIclock is driven by dedicated hardware.

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      Thanks for the quick reply Nick!

      An apology. My problem wasn't clear and to top it off, I must have made some mistake when using the H8000 as a clock master. That part works as a charm now. Both Eclipse and computer really are in sync when doing something like 1/16 note delay/loop on eclipse with S/H filters also modulating on 1/16 note from H8000 and drum loop from PC w/ reaktor. I just can't decrease the tempo too quickly from the H8000 tap tempo or the Eclipse doesn't follow but that's ok.

      I'm still having problems with the H8000 slaving both from my Eclipse and Gordius Little Giant MIDI foot  controller running it's built in tap tempo midi clock though. This is prefered so I don't have to run MIDI Clock back from the H8000 to little giant and merge with the the rest of the data. I'll get back with a detailed description later though because now I'm off to a weekend of jamming.

      PS I know having both the Eclipse and H8000 is overkill but I'm planning to let go of the Eclipse once I programmed the H8000 good. But the rotary speaker still sounds better than the presets I found in the H8000 so far.

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