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      My H8000FW (os 5.5) doesn't lock precisely to the incoming Midi Clock coming from my Cubase,

      in fact on the SETUP—>Tempo page, where I've set MidiClock as source type, on the screen of my H8000 I can see the Bpm value "fluttering" every time that I click Play or Stop command on my DAW.

      for instance, if on the DAW is set a 120 Bpm value (and  I click the Play button of course),

      on the H8000 I read 119 Bpm or 121 Bpm or sometimes 123 Bpm, it seems not to be stable and accurate. I don't have the same issue on my other Midi unit synchronized  with the DAW.

      How can I fix that problem?

      Let me know,


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – no solution at this time. Computer-generated MIDI clocks are usually of very low quality, and the H8000 cannot currently handle them well. We hope to improve it in the future.

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