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      I’m trying to use Midi Maps and after selecting Maps 2 and change the program change / presets the number it’s doesn’t make a difference when I sent midi program form my controller. It continues hitting the same preset.

      I’m using my pedal fx Boss GT-10 and It changes programs in the  Eclipse via midi, no problem with that.

      But I’m using one patch in my pedal board with a specific preset in the eclipse but I want to keep the same Preset in the eclipse when I change my next Patch in the pedal board to avoid Mute or bypass on the eclipse during the change. I need the same eclipse preset in those 2 patches. How can I do that?

      I tried midi maps but the eclipse still changing to its next preset

      I’m using midi maps 2 / to target user presets but nothing/

      Any advice is welcome.


      Thank you.

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      Eventide Staff

      As I understand you, your problem is that you are telling Eclipse to load the same program twice, and it is doing just that, with the usual bypass/xfade/mute actions.

      No way around this, unless you can get your controller not to send the same MIDI Program Change twice, or have the second preset not send the Program Change at all.

      You could try having the second Program Change select a non-existent program, but I'm not sure what will happen.


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