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      Hi all,

      Sorry to go on with such a regular topic, but I still find it hard to believe that there is no hamonising controlled by midi note input. From what I have read on this forum I will give up on trying to do it with the Eclipse. But I'm sure I remember reading on the old web forum that the H3000 could do it. If anyone knows which patch that would be great please?

      I also have a DSP4000 and I know that that could do it, with a program from one of the cards, but I can't find cards anywhere and the eventide store is always out of stock! Does anyone know of a way to get this algo/program?

      Incidentally, wouldn't it be nice if Eventide released the extra preset/algorythm code/eproms for their discontinued products into the public arena somehow (perhaps one mass run of chips at a cheap price or a download?). This would make great free publicity, and promotional material, and give confidence to new purchasers that their purchases could have a promising future.

      Go on….

       Thanks, James

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      Eventide Staff

       There is a "Midi Harmony" preset on the H8000, but it does not please everybody.

       Or, you could try and write such a preset yourself for the DSP4000 – it should be capable.


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       Nick, thanks. I think that is the same program that exists for the DSP4000 on one of the additional cards. It seems silly to have to try and recreate it when it already exists (particularly when I have no idea how to!) which is why I hope Eventide might 'release' the other presets one day.

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