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      I control my Eclipse's Presets using MIDI program change from a sequencer.  What I'd like to also do is control parameters on the fly.

      On page 41 of the manual is a MIDI CC layout of the Stompbox.  Assuming I could send the same data from my sequencer, I tried sending cc22 (master output) to Preset 850, but nothing happened.  I've tried all the other cc codes but nothing seems to change.

      Is this possible?  I sure can't find any other codes to try.

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      Eventide Staff

      Wonderful to see someone who reads the Manual ! Of course you are right – the software fails to set up the externals as described.

      We'll fix this in the next release – in the meantime, there is not thing to stop you from configuring these controls yourself (UM p.45).

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      Wonderful to see someone who reads the Manual ! 

      Man it has been a godsend for me in setting up the Eclipse with a Ground Control pro.

      I doubt I would have been able to figure out the Externals without the manual!

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      Ya.. I'd be pretty well lost sans manual.

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