midi problems in spite of reinitialising 3 times

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      E.M Pulinx
      Hi !


      doesn't help : made it  yesterday  twice  AM and then PM (…already done  1 week ago ,advised by you in your first response )


       Whathever you're doing ,  -for all the Prg's of Disp B  setted on  screen –  I obtain the global  (8 channels )parameter machine  "OUT"  wet/dry remote control as  I wanted , BUT ALSO   the first line parameter of any  soft key page recalled , colored in white, remains remoted-controlled  (from is minimal value to his maximal value ) . 

       Disp A  –  if not on screen  – will not respond … BUT .. If I recall Disp A on  screen , it's the first line parameter turn , in white , to become actived , just as Disp B  was.


      When a machine ( Disp A or B ) is on screen, if you set one of the  3 others  soft keys ,again his first parameter  – always in white –  of  the first line  of this particular soft key becomes remote-controlled !!


       Moreover, concerning  "out " levels , if you set Disp A on  screen , in spite of the " Levels out " page  screen is not surligned ,as for Disp B ,  the wet/dry value  of  A : OUT  1  Wet/dry  "x" %  is surligned in white   and is  also control remoted from 0 to 100% , when  the 7 others chanels ,from OUT 2 to OUT 8 do not respond to the volume pedal.  And yet, I didn't program for remote  control  the eight out channels of the Disp  A ,only  done for Disp B !


      And this with 2 different midi pedals :


      -Roland FC-200 Midi foot controller

      -Behringer FCB 1010 midi foot controller


      What to do now ?



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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – I totally do not understand this. Maybe someone else can do better.

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