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      Hi there, I'm a newbie here.

      I'm using 3.51, and have a question about what's describe page 29 in the manual.

      My configuration is:

      -midi pedal (Roland foot controller) -> Eclipse.

      -SETUP -> MIDI -> CHANNEL -> Channel Omni

      -SETUP -> MIDI -> MIDI MODE -> PGM CHNG -> Prog Change On

      -SETUP -> MAPS -> MAP # -> Map 1

      (I pressed Resetmap)

      When I'm sending Ctrl changes to the Eclipse, I can change only programs beginning at 0.

      Whether I select Map 1, 2 or 3 in SETUP -> MAPS, it doesn't make a difference. It either loads the program 001, 002, etc, or gives me the error message "PROGRAM NUMBER 3 NOT FOUND!" for instance.

      I would like for instance to use Map 1, in which I can read the correct mapping (PChg: 0 Prst: 100, etc).

      I'm missing something about the mapping. Can anybody help? Thanks!

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      Hi jf

      welcome to the Eventide forum!

      you say "When I'm sending Ctrl changes to the Eclipse, I can change only programs beginning at 0".

      You need to send Program Chnages, not Control changes, to chnage presets….but that's probably a typo, right?

      Maps work as follow on 3.51:

      Map 1 Program change numbers 1-100 select factory programs 100-199
      Map 2 Program change numbers 1-100 select user programs 0-99
      Map 3 Program change numbers 1-100 select card programs 500- 599

      i would start to set the MIDI channels on a specific number, rather than OMNI, as this sends MIDI commands on all channels. Choose the same MIDI channel number as the one set on the pedalboard.

      The "Program Number # not found" shows up if there is no preset store at that # location.

      If you are using MIDI Map #1 to recall presets from 100 to 199 (remember that these are the pure algorithms! Presets are past them) and the unit is loading something else, then:

      -the pedalboard is sending other program changes in addition to the ones you programmed for Eclipse. Obviously having Eclipse on MIDI Channel OMNI will make it listen to all and every command on any channel and obey to it. Do as adviced above and check your pedalboard for correct programming.

      -the unit might require a system reset (CLEAR SETUP). The manual explains how to do that in the very last pages.

      All the best


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      Great, a restore Factory Defaults did work.

      Analyzed the midi stream from my pedalboard, it was indeed sending a bank select message with each Program Change. Now, reading the manual about "Using MIDI Bank Select Messages", that makes sense.



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