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      I have problem with my midi/serial connectivity on my DSP7000.

      It is not possible anymore to receive or send vsig files or midi messages. When I send a vsig file the 7k will load the first 3 patches in the current bank sequentially and finally does not compiling of the actual vsig algorithm.

      Next, when I try to dump stuff via serice functions and serial connection I can see something incoming on the PC side but in the end there is no file. On top, the connection speed is not in line with the settings, looks like it is putting out stuff in a sort of a fallback mode, slowest bitrate.

      Now was thinking that my USB/Serial adapter is messed up but same goes for a Midi connection: programm change messages are only taken into account for the first 3 presets in the bank, getting algos or sending them to the unit is the same as on serial connection.

      Looks like something is seriously messed up with the unit.


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      Something may be seriously messed up, but not necessarily the 7000.

      Erroneous loading of multiple patches is a sure sign of a baud rate conflict. This will not normally happen with MIDI, since that baud rate is fixed. If it really does happen with both MIDI and serial, that would be a sign of a hardware problem, but this could be at either end.

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