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      Would it be possible, in some clever way, to be able to remote-switch Softkeys 1 – 4 by use of midi cc's?
      I'm on a mac G4 running Cubase 5.


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      Eventide Staff

      You can't control them with CCs, but there are SYSEX (System Exclusive) codes to simulate the pressing of every switch.

      There are a number of documents on the Orville support page that describe this.

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      I do it on a H7600 and it is the same Hex codes as the Orville. My MIDI controller is a Behringer FCB1010 which does not send long Hex messages, but there's a free software called MidiTranslator that can read a simple program change number and add any Hex to it. Works like a charm. I can control *anything* on the H7600 with my feet, but I need a PC in the MIDI loop.

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      Thanks, thats the kind of program I should have had, but for mac os 9.2.2..

      I am using the akai mpd32 as a midicontroller, but it neither sends Hex strings..

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