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      How would I go about using the Eclipse as a outboard effect to mix with. I have a Fast track Ultra linked through s/pdif to a Apogee Rosetta 200. I assume there would be some sort of delay. How would I go about accounting for that? I am using Ableton 8.2.1

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      Have you tried connecting the Eclipse to the Fast Track via SPDIF? It should work fine with very little latency.

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      Thanks for the reply. The only thing I worry about with that is the converter is not as good with the fast track than it is with with apogee.  

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      Eventide Staff

      The Eclipse itself, when connected digitally, will have very little delay – probably less than 20 samples. The main issue is that almost everything done on a computer involves buffering which will introduce delays from (typically)  64 to 1024 samples.

      You should contact your computer hardware and software suppliers to see how much latency will be added with the outboard send.

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      Hey thanks for the response! Is there a way that one could not use the converters on the eclipse and instead use the converters on the Apogee?  I hear the converters on the eclipse are just ok.  Thanks for the help!

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      If you're only mixing and not tracking through the Eclipse, and have the Eclipse connected via SPDIF, the mix and resultant effects won't pass through any converters, instead remaining digital from your DAW, through your interface, through the Eclipse, and back to your DAW. Converters are only necessary when converting the digital signal from the DAW to an analog signal. Since the Eclipse, when connected via SPDIF processes the digitial signal directly, it never requires an analog signal and so no conversion is necessary.

      Only if you were using the analog ins and outs on the Eclipse would conversion be necessary, and in that case, I agree, the converters in the Apogee may sound better to your ears than the converters in the FastTrack. However, the converters in the Eclipse are also very good, so I wouldn't eliminate them from contention.

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      how would i go about synching up the eventide eclipse to the tempo in ableton?  I assume through the s/pdif outputs on the fast track ultra.  Once i do this what do I need to do?  Is there something I need to do in the setup of the eventide eclipse to make this work.  


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      don't know how you would  / if you can go about syncing the tempo of a preset though SPDIF to the eclpise, isn't that for syncing the digital audio?

      To sync the tempo of the effects, I have done this via MIDI, where you set the ECLIPSE to sync to MIDI clock and you would tell ableton to send out MIDI Clock. I have not used ableton personally, but MIDI wise I assume it is the same as other DAW's

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