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      Hi there. I was running through the conversational tutorial on page 17-18, in order to learn about the modulation block feature. If I understand it correctly, it exists independently of the programs: like a heart beating regardless of what activity the organism is engaged in. 

      The manual states that if you change the independently existing modulation block values, load a new program, peek at the values in the mod block again, they should be the same. However, and this is the reason I'm writing, when I peek, the values are returned.

      I have the tempo set to internal, but normally have it with midiclock. I imagine this wouldn't matter? 

      Any help would be great. Thanks.

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      we assume you are using the latest OS V4.01, otherwise please update the unit to it.

      The ModBlock is a system area that can be bridged to any/every single preset by patching parameters to its mod sources.

      The page you refer to has incomplete info on the ModBlock. The complete info is available on page 43 and on.

      There is a setting under SETUP>MODES > MODBLOCK: choice here is Global or Prog (meaning per preset). If you set this on Prog, the Modlock will have different parameters values for each preset, stored with it. If the choice is Global, then those values stay the same across all presets that use the ModBlock.

      Using internal or MIDI Clock doesn't matter, as you pointed out.

      all the best


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