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      I might have found an issue. I can't get FW2 working at all with 5.61B.

      As soon as I connect any channel from the Firewire 2 input block using the routing utility,  to any output, the unlock light blinks and the machine screen shows FW2 as unlocked. I get no signal through.

      I can connect a FW2 channel to the to the Main in block, but as soon as connect to an output from there, it is unlocked. Even connecting to the Main out, analog outs. 

      Trying the metronome prog (#6412) routing to the Firewire 2 output block, I realized I get no signal through in to computer either. The unlock light doesn't blink but the screen shows FW2 as unlocked. I usually don't use this block.

      Haven't tried reproducing with manual routing.

      FW2 worked with 5.5 and I haven't done anything else to my Win7 64 running laptop.

      I'm using ASIO only and have always done that. Always at 44.1 too,

      I use no other digital connection except ADAT out. Tried without that too and no change in FW behaviour. 

      FW1 seems to work perfectly fine except for channel 1 on the Firewire 1 output block. I haven't been able to use channel 1 since I started using the H8000FW as my soundcard/main audio hub, then at SW 5.3, so not a new problem for me. Mind that I've always used the routing utility.


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      Addenum to post above.

      I did a completely fresh install of 5.61B+driver, nothing connected to the system except the computer and guess what? FW2 displays as unlocked on the H8000FW display from get go, just after the driver completes the install. FW1 is nice and locked.

      I reverted back to 5.5 and FW2 is working.

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      Eventide Staff

      Not many people use FW23, so we may have missed it. We'll look into it …

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      Great news! Thanks guys!

      Yeah, my setup isn't exactly conventional. I use all 8 channels of the FW2 input block connected directly to the ADAT out block for bringing what is to become CV (or audio) from the computer straight to my modular synth.

       The synth has a DC coupled ADAT DA module (Expert Sleepers ES-3) with nice hot modular voltages. Pretty nifty!  I have on occasion had the H8000FW generate LFOs and such for this purpose too. But most often I need no H8000FW processing/generation on those signals.

      I also want to be able to process and record and generally manipulate audio (don't we all?) at the same time too, so I use FW1 in/out blocks for 4 audio channels from/to computer with fx A and B in various configs with the H8000FW being my main AD/DA as well. I might soon add a SPDIF line to the mess, carrying even more CV/gate to the synth.

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