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      I am just curious as to what one might use these H8000 multi channel apps for. For example alot of the pitch shifters have 6 or 8 ins and outs, is it like likely that someone would run a vocal track split up into 8 channels through one of these pitch shifter presets or would it be more common for someone to use it for multiple instruments ? Same with the delays is likely to use a 8 in 8 out delay on a vocal track? I'm wondering because I am using the FW capabilties of the H8000 and I could technically do this, but am wonder if others employ this kind of use.


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       Hi Alvin

      multichannel presets are used in FrontOfTheHouse and studio recording applications, either for processing different sources at the same time or to process a signal for many different channels (surround apps). These are also excellent tools for special FX in movies post production. They are not really intended for single instrumens as other and similar presets are.


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