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      I operate my Eclipse using a midi foot controller.  Program 1 is mapped to #1 on the controller, and so on.

      What I want to do is be able to step on switch #1 on the foot controller and have the Eclipse muted so no sound comes out (so I can set my instrument down without a big crash coming through the PA).

      I have set the bypass setting to "Mute All" so I can do this by touching the "Bypass" button.  But I want to be able to do it from the Midi foot controller.

      Appreciate help on how to do this.  Thx!

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      You could assign a program button on the controller to call up Program 100, "Mute Series".

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      But for reasons that aren't clear to me, when you switch bypass to "mute all" in the setup menu, it doesn't flow through to program 100.  Program 100 remains a bypass with the dry signal passing thru the eclipse.  You still have to push the bypass button to stop the signal from passing thru the Eclipse.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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