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      Whether I plug, via the 1/4" in(s), my Soldano X88R preamp or the pre-amp out of my Bruno Super 100, into the Eclipse (and then to my Fryette power amp and then cab), there is a substantial hum and a bit of random upper mid-rnge crackling/distortion, that does not exist when I plug either pre-amp signal directly to the Fryette.  It happens in bypass as well.

      At very soft studio levels the issue is really not too apparent except for the odd breakup until you increase the volume to soft drummer levels …  


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      Eventide Staff

      It sounds like some kind of ground loop. You probably need to have a tech look at your setup – nothing we can diagnose from here.

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      I appreciate you observation but this has been a long standing intermittent issue, as you may recall, that I have been tracking since I got this demo unit from Eventide directly a couple of years back.

      Like all intermittent issues, they are hard to troubleshoot — I was fortunate enough to document/demo the issue wherein after I removed the Eclipse from the rack, running it into another amp, a Bruno Super 100, and isolated the unit form head cab to show some the various symptoms I am experiencing:

      1) Big jump in volume, lately, for no reason at unity gain when inserted into the send/receive loop of the Bruno which otherwise changes the tone tone — a) requires substantial backing off of the output gain level to make usable on the one hand/regain some tonal character and b) not seeing the input gain level responding to various output settings that define the Bruno's preamp send signal.

      2) Loud undesirable hum at unity gain

      3) High sensitivity to the proximity to an unplugged/disconnected Furman AC 15

      To be sure, there have been other similar issues in adding distortion, etc. that are not documented in this video ….

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