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      I'm a new H8000FW owner it's so amazing I think aliens must have made this thing (LoL)
      I'm having trouble setting up. This is what I use
      Allen & Heath Xone 3d usb mixer interface for my speakers and H8000FW
      Apple MacBook Pro OSX 10.4.10 Logic 8 (studio). I just don't know if I have the aggregate
      set up right. I more thing how do you access the H8000FW effects, is it like a plug-in and shows in the drop down window with the rest of the plug-ins.


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      Perfect timing, ROC  

      I am stuffing the piggy bank for the H8000 and had the same thought that it's firewire would be ideal for an iMac with Logic8,  so I'm very interested in what response you get to your inquiry.  Please keep us posted as to your success !

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       Hi Roc

      the drivers aggregation we know about is with multiple FireWire drivers. For Logic drivers aggregation with USB devices you should refer to Logic manual and Apple support or the various dedicated forums.

      Once the H8000FW is properly configured, you can load or build a parallel routing for the 2 DSPs and have Logic Aux Sends configured to send audio tracks back and forth to the H8000FW for processing, exactly like you would do on an analog mixing board.

      The H8000FW as a good Logic configuration example on its user manual.


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      Ok Thanks,
      So I took the usb mixer out for now (looking to upgrade to a digital firewire mixer).
      I now have the H8000FW sound coming in on channells 3-10 but with static and
      pops. I check the levels in logic and H8000FW all were ok to me no red at all.

      In the manual are they saying you can get H8000FW effects as a insert, from a bus and an input
      or is that 1 example for 1 total sound?

      if i had a digital mixer (lets say 32 tracks) with firewire option could I run the H8000FW the same as in a DAW with 8 ch bus etc…..?


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      hos is SYNC setup? With a single digital unit connected to your computer, the H8000FW, the clock source woiuld be better if set to internal. Working at 44.1 or 48 KHz is recommended.

      A second very important detail is ROUTING. You need to select a proper routing for FireWire connection. If you access the Routing area in the H8000Fw, select routing #14 FIREWIRE 1 A_B to have the 2 dsps in series, processing 8 audio channels OR routing #21 FIREWIRE 8 Track AB in which the 2 dsps are in parallel and each one process 4 channels.

      Yes, you should be able to send/return audio from/to Logic to/from the H8000FW. Refer to Logic manual for this.

      We haven't tested the H8000FW with hardware digital mixers, so we can't advice. But very recently there are some postings from people who have had success working with the Mackie Onyx mixer thru firewire. Here's the thread:

      We don't know about other attempts with similar technology products at the moment.


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      ix studio

      i am trying to achive this in cubase sx on a pc also ?> routing withing the H8000Fw is no problem , cubase sx ses both my Lynx pci card asio driver and also the eventide H8000 asaio drive but doesnt allow the sequencer to use both / i can only select one or another ? is this a flaw with cubase sx, not being able to work with 2 asio drivers and any workaround known . . .maybe cubase 4 is better ?



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      Hi Matt

      most DAW softwares are limited to using a single FW driver. We are aware of Logic and ProTools not having such limitation. Would be interesting if users could start asking software companies to enhance their software by allowing multiple drivers (aggregation) in their products. 

      all the best

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      OS X allows for device aggregation at the OS level, by selecting two firewire devices and having it make a meta-device which audio apps can select, getting access to the inputs and outputs on all of the devices. I haven't done it myself, but I have heard on several forums that it works with a lot of firewire devices.

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