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      Hi all,

      I'm trying to use my Eclipse that i just got back from repair with an Eden Navigator. The problem I had before (no output on one channel) was fixed, but weirdly the effected signal is only coming through on one channel. Do I have a parameter set wrong?

      However, my bigger problem is that I'm get a huge amount of noise. It's very hissy no matter how I set all the gains. Has anyone used an Eclipse with an Eden preamp? Is there a way to adjust level structures (i.e., +4 to -10) or something like that so I can get rid of the noise?



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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like you have cabling problems. A few things to look for – Eclipse has various mono/stereo settings that may do this – have a look at the latest UM.

      Your noise issues could be due to inappropriate level settings. Also, note that all pins of the XLR (or 1/4") must be connected – they must not be allowed to "float" or you can get lots of noise.

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      Thanks, Nick. I've gone through all the i/o settings to no avail. I've also tried balanced and unbalanced connections. I experimented with gain settings as well, but that didn't seem to do much. I wonder if it's just fundamentally incompatible with the Navigator.

      I'll have more time to experiment over the weekend, so I'll give try more options.

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