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      A delay algorithm a la the pcm 70 circular delays is needed in the eclipse(the axefx has already added this algorithm). A multitap delay with pans for each tap which runs into a diffusion network. Great for guitars!

      Also, it would be aweosme if the eclipse had a greater range of chorus effects. While some very good chorus sounds are there…a dedicated "thicker" sounding chorus with a lot of depth/width and not much swirl would really be great.

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       You can create a presets with any of the delays algorithms (#104 to #114) feeding (series routing)  180 St-Diffusor or #181 DiffChorus…or use #182 Tapdly+DiffChorus which is already made of delays and diffusor.

      For non swirling Chorus, you should try Micropitch preset, Any pitch shifter or detuner with a few cents detuning (+/- 8>12 cents) with some added delay (within 25 ms) will do the thickest chorus possible.

      all the best


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