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      I tried to pose this earlier, but I think it got messed up trying to fix a typo.

      Here’s our newest Algorithm for the H9000 – Stereo Phanger 1

      WTH is a Phanger? Well it’s a phaser going up and a flanger coming down (or the other way around).

      This is a new algorithm we have created for the H9000, and it gives some unique sounds, particularly where the modulation changes between the phaser and the flanger.

      You can watch a demo and explanation on youtube

      The algorithm is available for free from

      Premium Preset packs for this algorithm are available at

      Membership is $5 per month, and all downloads are free, or individual purchases can be made for a single download.

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      You’re on fire with this stuff. Will check it out and get you another coffee.

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